Turn your coffee bar, hotel, bar, restaurant and exhibition booth to a service paradise.

While your guests charge their smartphones, they are able to study the menu and the beverage list,
which can be placed inside the power bank housing, without any hurry.


With this power bank your guests can charge their tablets and smartphones
while enjoying their time in your establishment in good company.

Even MP3 players and Bluetooth headsets with micro-USB ports can be charged.


Your advantage:
guests stay longer and so they consume more drinks and food.


  • Improves the customer service and the guest satisfaction
  • Up to four devices can be charged simultaneously
  • Connectors: 2x USB Type-A (output), 1x micro-USB cable, 1x Lightning cable, 1x jack (Input)
  • Cable jackets made from a durable cotton fabric ensure a comfortable handling and increase the durability
  • Capacity: 20700 mAh
  • Battery type: original Samsung Lithium-Ion
  • Input: 12V/2000 mA
  • Fully charged within only 5 hours
  • Output: 4x 5V/2100 mA, max. 5V/8000 mA
  • LED backlight in colors white, blue green (BARTENDER CLUB)
  • Weight:
    0,85 kg
  • Dimensions: 237 x 114 x 130 mm
  • 4smarts BARTENDER Power Bank 20700mAh black
    (Factory-No.: 4S468447)
  • 4smarts BARTENDER Power Bank 20700mAh grey
    (Factory-No.: 4S468450)
  • 4smarts BARTENDER Power Bank 20700mAh wood
    (Factory-No.: 4S468451)
  • 4smarts BARTENDER CLUB Power Bank 20700mAh black
    (Factory-No.: 4S468490)
  • 4smarts BARTENDER Power Bank
  • AC charger
  • manual


Compatible with devices that can be charged with 5V/2100mA.

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