4smarts Duos Slim Power Bank is not only fashionable, but fits also perfectly in the palm

of your hand and provides grip.

The polymer cells satisfy all quality demands.


The 4smarts Duos Slim Power Bank makes the charging of mobile devices independent

from the electric supply network. It is very slim and the perfect power friend,
because of the rounded corners and edges, and the soft touch surface.

You don’t want to lay down this external battery pack.


  • Connectors: 2x USB Type-A (output), 1x micro-USB (input)
  • Capacity: 6600mAh
  • With charge level indicator. Blue LED around the Powerkey
  • Battery type: Lithium Polymer
  • Input: 5V/2000 mA
  • Output: up to 5V/3000 mA (2x 5V/1500 mA or 1x 5V/2000 mA + 1x 5V/1000 mA when charging two devices simultaneously, when charging one device max. 5V/2400 mA)
  • Weight: 187g
  • Dimensions: 162 x 80 x 11mm

  • 4smarts Duos Slim Power Bank 6600 mAh grey/white
    (Factory No.: 4SP8444)
  • 4smarts Duos Slim Power Bank 6600 mAh blue/white
    (Factory No.: 4SP8445)
  • 4smarts Duos Slim Power Bank 6600 mAh black/white
    (Factory No.: 4SP8446)
  • 4smarts Duos Slim Powerbank 6600 mAh
  • Micro-USB charging cable


Compatible with devices that can be charged with 5V/1500mA via USB.

Also compatible with all Apple devices that can be loaded with 5V / 1500mA (required Lightning cable not included), e.g.:
Apple iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone SE, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C

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