Do you love doing sports at dawn or at dusk? When the air is fresh and healthful?
You love to be motivated by your own music?


But how do you show your presence to other road users? Athletes as road users

are often not recognized. There are reflectors on your clothing, but these are lost in the traffic turmoil.

By flashing function of LED Sport Strap your safety is increased. Every time you exercise again.


  • Universal Sports Armband for all upper arm sizes
  • Smartphone size up to 5.5 inches
  • Plesant comfort, Neopren material
  • LED with different lightning variants: continuous light, rapid flashing, slow flashing
  • Rechargeable with micro-USB connector
  • Pocket for keys
  • Easy access to the headset connectors for each kind of smartphones, over the 4 pinholes on the backside

  • 4smarts Jogger Universal Sports Armband
  • Micro-USB charging cable

Without annoying replacement of batteries, because the built-in batteries are rechargeable
with your smartphone micro-USB cable.


Compatible with all smartphones up to 5.5 inches, such as:

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