Finally, a powerful car charger that allows to charge devices with USB-C connector
as well as devices with micro-USB ports with one cable.

An additional USB jack type-A can be used to charge two devices simultaneously.


  • Micro-USB and USB type-C connectors
  • Additional USB port type-A for charging a second device
  • Flat cable design prevents cable tangles
  • Cable length: 100cm
  • Input: 12-24 V
  • Output: 5V / 3400 mA

  • 4smarts MultiCord Car Charger Micro-USB + USB Type-C white (Factory-No.: 4SP8478)
  • Car charger MultiCord with micro-USB and Lightning jack
  • Cable winder

First-class vulcanized rubber finished flat wire and USB plug covered with high-quality man-made material.


Compatible with devices with either USB Type-C or micro-USB connector.

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