With this first-class USB data cable, you can charge and sync your devices with the

new future-proof USB type-C connector or the widely used micro-USB connector.

The flat cable design of this data cable prevents cable tangles
Easy switch from USB Type-C to micro-USB.


  • USB type-A to micro-USB and type-C
  • Flat cable design prevents cable tangles
  • Cable length: 100cm
  • Cable diameter: 24AWG / 0,20mm²
  • Material: durable TPE
  • For charging and synchronisation

  • 4smarts MultiCord Flatcable Micro-USB + Typ-C
    (Factory-No.: 4SC8482)
  • MultiCord Cable with micro-USB and Type-C jack
  • Cable winder


Compatible with devices with either Type-C or micro-USB connector.

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