Operating an iPhone with only one hand? No problem with the 4smarts Second Glass Smart Buttons.
The screen protector moves the area that activates the return button down to the left side of the home button.



Since iPhones just like all other smartphones have become bigger and bigger in recent years, it´s almost impossible to operate them with only one hand now. In contrast to Android devices, the return button is located in the top left corner on Apple´s phones. Therefore, when you hold your iPhone in one hand, you inevitably have to use your other hand as well to activate the return function.

This issue is now resolved!
The Second Glass Smart Buttons display protector moves the return button down to the home button,
where it lies within easy reach.


Additionally, it protects your display reliably from scratches and bumps.


  • Enables you to operate your iPhone with only one hand
  • A translucent wire that´s embedded into the glass moves the area which activates the return button downwards
  • Return function can be activated easily by pressing the area on the home button´s left
  • Perfect for using messaging Apps like WhatsApp or iMessage when you are on the go
  • Ultrathin, extremely resilient display protector made of tempered glass
  • Easy to clean thanks to an oleophobic coating and anti-fingerprint technology
  • Easy to clean, installed quickly and removable with no residue
  • Retina compatible, ultra clear and 100% colorfast
  • 3D Touch compatible
  • Important: The return function only works if you hold your phone in your hand

  • 4smarts Second Glass Smart Buttons 2.0 for Apple iPhone 6Plus / iPhone 6sPlus / iPhone 7Plus
    (Factory-No.: 492981)
  • 4smarts Second Glass Smart Buttons 2.0 for Apple iPhone 6 / iPhone 6s / iPhone 7
    (Factory-No.: 493122)
  • 4smarts screen protector made of tempered glass with smart return function
  • damp alcohol cleaning cloth
  • microfiber cleaning cloth
  • antistatic adhesive film for dust removal

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