Perfect for everyone who wants to keep his SIM cards organised.
The SIM Card Organiser provides enough space for all of your SIM cards.
It’s delivered with adapters for all current SIM card sizes.

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  • Ideal for people who travel frequently and for businessmen who use international SIM cards
  • Multiple compartments for safely storing all of your important SIM cards
  • Separate compartment for memory cards
  • Switch between all current SIM card sizes (Mini, Micro, Nano) without complications thanks to precisely fitting adapters
  • Can be stowed away easily due to its credit card size
  • Noble, stylish design
  • Handy tool for opening the SIM card tray on the smartphone

  • 4smarts SIM Card Organiser with Adapters black gold (Factory-No.: 4S461346)
  • 4smarts SIM Card Organiser with Adapters white silver (Factory-No.: 4S461347)
  • 1x 4smarts SIM & memory card organiser
  • 1x 4smarts adapter NanoSIM-to-MicroSIM
  • 1x 4smarts adapter Nano-SIM-to-Mini-SIM
  • 1x 4smarts adapter Micro-SIM-to-Mini-SIM
  • 1x 4smarts SIM card eject tool

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