The most universal and most comfortable car mount for the fixation of
smartphones, GPS navigation systems, MP3-Player and cameras on the ventilation slot of the car

Guarantees a strong hold between mount and devices because of the 6 strong and circular arranged magnets.
Fixated on the air vent, for a free visual field on the street.

The 6 circular arranged magnets create thanks to their size and arrangement a drag power of 3kg.

Thanks to this, the fixated device is always strongly mounted, even on bumpy streets.

The included magnet stripes can be mounted on

the inside of the devices battery compartment, on the outside of the device, or on a case of the device.
The package contains 3 magnet stripes, so it is possible to also mount
a navigation system, an additional smartphone, MP3-player etc. in the car.


The clip which fixates the mount on the car is equipped with a strong feather,

which can be opened via button. After it locks, the clip gets mounted stable on the air vent.
The rubber surface on the inside of the clip avoids scratches in the car and cushions the vibration caused by driving on rough streets.

The ball joint inside the mount allows to freely rotate the device

and tilt it to left/right by 90°, which is useful if e.g. the co-driver navigates.

The small mount can be easily transported

in the glove box or in the pocket.


  • Ultra universal holder for all smartphones and GPS navigators
  • Free visual field on the streets as the devices don’t have to be fixated at the front window
  • 6 circular arranged magnets have a tractive power up to 3kg
  • Joint with 360° rotation and 90° turning angle ensure an individual orientation, even while driving
  • Gentle rubber surfaces on the connection areas, protect against scratches
  • Stylish aluminum ring reflects the high quality
  • Clamp with strong spring for the vent frame with a rubber surface, for the perfect grip at the car vent
  • Rubber surface on the inside of the clamp (max. width 5mm) protects the car vent from scratches and keeps the mounted device safe from street triggered vibration
  • One-Click-Button for an easy remove of the holder from the vent frame
  • 3 magnetic plates guarantee a safe mount of the Smartphones / navigation systems after their application
  • Compact and light housing design for a space space saving transport in the glove compartment or pocket

  • 4smarts Magnetic Car Holder VENTMAG black/gun metal (Factory-No.: 4SH9118)
  • 4smarts Magnetic Car Holder VENTMAG black/silver (Factory-No.:4SH9117)
  • 4smarts VENTMAG car holder
  • 3x metal plates (2x round, 1x rectangular)


Compatible with devices featuring a smooth and flat back side on which the needed thin contact plate can be glued. Alternatively, you can also use a faceplate or case to attach the contact plate.

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