In recent years smartphones have more and more developed into our personal sidekicks that accompany us day in and day out from the alarm clock going off in the morning until surfing the web before we go to sleep.

Yet equally to how batman would never carry his sidekick Robin through the streets of Gotham, our sidekicks should also always be waiting for us where they are needed.

4smarts has developed an interesting concept to solve this matter, the so-called UltiMAG-System.

It´s based on specially aligned magnets in holders and cases that enable you to store your phone solidly away basically everywhere by simply placing it on the holder.

In this way smartphones are mountable on the side of a laptop computer, a beside locker or in the kitchen, so the phone can be used as a recipe book, as fast as lightning and completely effortless.

Therefore the display is always in plain view and enables multitasking. Combined with car holders and magnetic booklets the UltiMAG-system´s goal becomes obvious:

Bringing our sidekick always into the exact right position.


This is what it does

This is what it does - day timeline

This is how it works

All UltiMAG-products standardly include metal plates in the scope of delivery.
They are fixated with adhesive strips on the smartphone case or directly on the smartphone.
Similar to the holders, the cases contain powerful magnets, that can savely carry devices up to 2kg.
The holders are fixated where the user utilizes his smartphone the most with adhesive strips.

Universal Holder


Car Holder






Metal Plates



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