Future-proof, compact and equipped with state-of-the-art fast charging technology:
With Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and USB Type-C this charger ensures that all your mobile devices are recharged as quick as possible.


When it comes to power output, the Ultimate USB fast car charger leaves all of his current competitors on the market far behind with its amperage of up to 6000mA.
The charge current is partitioned by two separate chipsets.
Thus the device virtually combines two chargers in one housing.


The Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 USB Type-A port has 3000mA at its disposal,
which enables extremely fast charging. Another factor that contributes to this,
is the chipset´s ability to raise the output voltage during the charging process to up to 12V.

The remaining charge current is shared between another USB Type-A port and an USB Type-C port. The latter one ensures that this charger will also work with all devices that will be released in the near future without any complications. Thanks to its ingenious design the Ultimate charger manages to fit all this technology into an extremely slim and elegant housing.

Consumer note:
For achieving maximum charging speed, you must use cables which support a charge current of at least 2 or 3 ampere.
This includes all 4smarts RapidCord cables, as well as all normed USB Type-C to USB Type-C cables.


  • Extremely powerful with up to 6000mA output
  • Licensed Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 chipset with USB Type-A port for fast charging with up to 3000mA
  • The second, separate “Smart” chipset shares the remaining charge current of 3000mA between the second USB Type-A port and the USB Type-C port
  • Each of the three output ports is individually capable of fast charging with up to 3000mA
  • Intelligent charging shutdown reduces the current consumption and sustains the battery lifetime
  • LED control light for displaying the operational readiness
  • Compact dimensions (8,7×4,2×1,7cm)
  • Input: 12-24V
  • Output QC3.0: 3.6V to 12V / 3A max.
  • Output “Smart”: 5V / 3A max. (USB Type-A & Type-C)
  • Output total: 6A max.
  • 4smarts ULTIMATE Fast Car Charger
    with USB Type-A & Type-C black
    (Factory-No.: 4S464452)
  • 4smarts Ultimate fast USB car charger


Compatible with all mobile devices like smartphones, tablets or MP3 players that can be charged with 5V/3A via USB (required USB Type-A or Type-C charging cable is not included).

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