4smarts Liquid Glass creates an invisible and bubble-free nano coating
for your mobile devices including the screens.

The anti-bacterial properties of 4smarts Liquid Glass reduce the existance of bacteria up to 99.9%.

The surface becomes hydrophobic and oleophobic.
Thus repells water and oil based substances.

All devices treated with 4smarts Liquid Glass become easy to clean:
Superficial marks like finger prints can easily and quickly be removed.


  • Provides antimicrobial protection killing up to 99.9% of bacteria
  • Protects against water and humidity (Hydrophobicity)
  • Protects against oil and oil based substances (Oleophobicity)
  • Abrasion-proof coating that is 600% harder than normal display protectors
  • Protects your device from traces of use
  • Simple to apply

  • 1x Liquid Glass device protection
  • 1x Alcoholic cleaning cloth
Suitable for mobile devices like smartphones, tablet PCs, mp3-players and many other more.

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