Active Pro receives 5 out of 5 stars in field test conducted by Connect

In its January issue the German telecommunication magazine Connect; presented the Active Pro product line, the outdoor sub-brand of 4smarts, consisting of various drop- and waterproof cases and durable mounts.
They put the Nautilus waterproof case and the bar mount Conqueror to the test, fastened them to a motorbike and went for a ride on the autobahn. Most of all, they noted the impressive stability the Active Pro system showcased in their test even at high speeds.

The overall results

Features: 5 out of 5 stars
Handling: 4 out of 5 stars
Functionality: 5 out of 5 stars
Total: 5 out of 5 stars

Active Pro is 4smarts outdoor equipment series for smartphones and tablets. Combinable outdoor cases and holders and adapters can be found here.

GravityCord magnetic USB cables receive the rating “excellent” in Smartphone magazine test

The 4smarts GravityCord magnetic USB cables were tested by the Smartphone magazine and performed so well that they received an “Excellent” award. The review highlighted especially the simplicity of the system. Micro-USB, USB Type-C and Lightning connectors are simply plugged into the respecitve device and connect automatically with the magnetic cable.

The whole review can be found here in German:

Power Plug Quad certified

Our filling station with four gasoline pumps, the 4smarts PowerPlug Quad, gained a good award by the Android Magazin, issue may/june 2017.

That’s what the write:

Ganz klar, bei dieser Tankstelle mit vier Zapfsäulen handelt es sich um ein Werkzeug für echte Power-User, die nicht nur das Handy laden wollen, sondern auch den Bluetooth-Speaker, das Tablet und allen anderen smarten Kram! Für vier Geräte stehen simultan 2,4 Ampere Stromstärke zur Verfügung. Das ist ordentlich!

Preis: EUR 18,55 /


Innovative screen protector enables you to operate iPhones with only one hand

With the new, cleverly designed screen protector Second Glass Smart Buttons from 4smarts, iPhone users have finally an easy way to operate their device with only one hand. A translucent wire embedded into the screen protector´s glass moves the activation area of the return button from the top left corner down to the home button´s left side.

In recent years the general tendency on the smartphone market is that devices increase in size from generation to generation. As a consequence the size and resolution of the screens increases, however there is also a downside to this development: smartphones get more and more unwieldy.

This is especially problematic for Apple´s smartphones. Important controls such as the return function can only be activated by touching the upper screen area. With screen sizes reaching up to 5.5 inches, it therefore is nearly impossible to operate the smartphone with only one hand. The 4smarts Second Glass Smart Buttons addresses exactly this problem.

Thanks to a special invisible wire embedded into the screen protector´s glass, pressing the bottom left corner of your iPhone screen will activate the return function, just as it would on an Android device.

The glass is applied by attaching its self-adhesive side to the screen. After that the iPhone can instantly be used effortlessly with only one hand, which comes in handy when you are on the go.

Additionally to the aforementioned function, the screen protector also protects your smartphone reliably from scratches and bumps, repels oils and liquids and is fingerprint resistant. The Second Glass Smart Buttons display protector is available for all iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 models.

Learn more about the Second Glass Smart Buttons

4smarts releases the innovative car charger “Ultimate”

Efficient, future-proof and compact:
With the Ultimate USB car charger the company 4smarts launches a charger that can output up to 6000mA and picks up on current technical innovations such as Quick Charge 3.0 and USB-C.
The amperage that is rather high when compared to customary car chargers is partitioned by two separate chipsets. Thus the device virtually combines two chargers in one housing.

The Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 USB Type-A port has 3000mA at its disposal, which enables extremely fast charging. Another factor that contributes to this, is the chipset´s ability to raise the output voltage during the charging process to up to 12V.

The remaining charge current is shared between another USB Type-A port and an USB Type-C port. The latter one ensures that this charger will also work with all devices that will be released in the near future without any complications. The Ultimate charger fits all the aforementioned technology into a slim and plain housing.

>> Learn more about the ULTIMATE Fast Car Charger with USB Type-A & Type-C black

Release of new affordable VR Glasses “Spectator Sound”

With the Spectator-series 4smarts has developed a line of reasonably priced virtual reality glasses that can be used with nearly all smartphone models. The series´ current top model is the Spectator Sound that was specifically designed to tap the full potential of virtual reality on an auditive level as well.

The storage compartment on the glasses´ front side has room for all smartphones with a size of 4.7” to 6.0”. The image´s width and depth can be customized with two control buttons for a sharper depiction and an optimal gaming and movie experience.

The aspherical lenses ensure that the image isn´t distorted and allow for a large field of vision of 120 Degree. In this way the glasses enable a more intense perception of depth and three-dimensional structure.

Furthermore Spectator Sound VR glasses are compatible to Google Cardboard apps. By scanning the QR code that is printed onto the glasses the depiction of these apps is adjusted to the respective device.

Smartphones stay fully operational when they are in the storage compartment. By pressing a button on the VR glasses a mechanical switch triggers a touch on the device´s display. Thus nearly all currently available virtual reality gaming and video apps can be used without any restrictions.

The glasses´ front cover is transparent. Therefore the Spectator Sound is also suitable for augmented reality apps.

The difference between the Spectator Sound and the other VR glasses from its series is that audio quality is of particular importance for this product. The headphone jack that is located inside of the storage compartment can be used to connect the smartphone´s audio output to the Spectator Sound´s stereo headphones. The volume can be adjusted without difficulty with the dedicated control button.

The 4smarts Spectator Sound Virtual Reality glasses combine all these technical features at a comparatively low suggested retail price of 49.90€ and in doing so are by far cheaper than the usual goods in this product category.

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