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Being present since the raise of the 1st real smartphone, we are proud to look back developing some of the finest mobile accessories for millions of consumers. With such a long history we strive to develop 4smarts accessories and gadgets for every budget and every smartphone globally. With unconditional love for detail, we serve the industry with the mission to make mobile lifestyle easier in our every day's life.

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Our mission

is to provide more added value to any potential customer, no matter if end-users or B2B distributors.
  • Excellence: we strive for it daily and we deliver it through our top-notch products and customer service.
  • Responsiblity: a better future for the generations to come is what we work for and therefore our products should have a as little effect on the environment as possible.
  • Innovation: with new products launched every month, we are always at the forefront of technological innovation and creating trends instead of following them.
  • Integrity: we deliver exactly what we promise, never less.
  • Respect: we treat everyone as we want to be treated, upfront, direct and with a professional attitude.

Your Brand

We are taking OEM/ODM manufacturing to a new reachable level beyond the standard portfolio. Our just in time printing facilities allow us to offer promotional merchandise.


You would like to achive a better revenue with a minimal investment?
Then it‘s time you let 4smarts‘ expertise and state-of-the-art-manufacturing capabilities to work for you.
Your OEM/ODM advantage is:

  • Product design
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipping & supply chain assistance
  • Support services
  • Promotional Items for cooperate clients/governments

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It is people who make the business. It is their experience which makes sure your business sustains. With professional partners and certified products we are able to scale your business for success. We are serving the Telco Distribution. MVNO, Operators as well as Retailers. For YOURBRAND we are working with authorities and cooperate clients of all industries.

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