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We at 4smarts strive to develop high-quality mobile accessories with an incredible price-performance ratio. Our wide range of products enables us to meet nearly any demand a smartphone enthusiast could have. We are working with a few carefully selected distribution partners and factories in order to provide our customers with the best service possible.

Brand new and improved magnet cables

Magnetic & magic: The 4smarts GRAVITYCord 2.0 is a strong, magnetic USB cable that attaches and detaches to your phone with little effort. Since its second generation it also charges blazingly fast!

Improved, cheaper & multifunctional!

The new Active Pro STARK series will replace the Nautilus products. Protect your device to all wind and weather conditions, as well as dust, falls and water. The cases are suitable for an extremely wide range of applications: Leisure activities like swimming, biking or hiking, but also handcraft and extreme sports are no problem for our indestructible STARK outdoor cases!

VoltBeam Sensor 2

The 4smarts VoltBeam Sensor 2 is a car mount and mechanical marvel in one. The touch-sensitive panel at the side  of the mount opens the clamps and another sensor closes them once your phone’s in place to automatically begin wireless charging. The new model is compatible with fast chargers up to 15W, allowing your phone to charge faster than the first generation.

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